Saturday, March 7, 2009

MARCH 07, 2009

Well, here we are again! We have entered the 3rd month of the new year and wow, it seems that time is flying. Here in the south, we're relieved to be moving out of the snowy season and full on towards Spring. Today was a beautiful sunny & bright day which stirred excitement for the coming season.

is also a season of accomplishment. Let this be a time that perhaps you might re-focus on the goals or resolutions you set for yourself this year.

Accomplishment will be the theme around this month's blog due to the fact that March is also WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH!

is a time that's set aside each year to recognize the accomplishments of women the world over. I'd like to take a moment to honor all women and especially those of you who have "accomplished" the task of raising children--if you can't think of any other great life achievement you've accomplished, motherhood certainly can top the list!

Women regardless of race or ethnicity have all had to overcome many different things and all of us ladies in some way have contributed to the betterment of our world whether through inventions, political changes, business development, philanthropy and again, motherhood, we have impacted not just our local communities, but the world, with our dreams & visions.
What would you like to "accomplish" this year? What steps are you taking to move forward in that accomplishment? I encourage you to take your place in "Women's History" and make a difference right where you're at! My
goal for this year is to impact you through better health and the physical care and beautification of your hands and feet. Perhaps this may seem small and even unimportant to many, but for me, I'm blooming in life where in my industry I've been planted. This allows me to make history in your lives, and that my dear ladies is AWESOME!

Here are a few Women I'd like to mention who have truly made hi

  • Mary mother of Jesus - her example of obedience & trust in God birthed deliverance & salvation through her son our Messiah Jesus for all people.
  • Madame C.J. Walker - America's first self-made woman millionaire, Madame C. J. Walker, helped style the Harlem Renaissance. Invented the "pressing comb," hair products & started a cosmetology school to empower women of color into financial freedom.
  • Mary Kay Ash - launched Mary Kay Cosmetics on Friday, September 13, 1963. Mary Kay's goal was to provide women with an unlimited opportunity for personal and financial success. Mary Kay Inc. has grown from a small direct sales company to the largest direct seller of skin care products in the U.S. and the best-selling brand of facial skin care and color cosmetics in the United States. The Company now has more than 500,000 Independent Beauty Consultants in 29 markets worldwide. Mary Kay Inc. was featured three times as one of The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America.
  • HELEN KELLER - was deaf, blind and mute as a child. Through the work of teacher Anne Sullivan, Keller learned to overcome these daunting handicaps and became a powerful and effective national spokesperson on behalf of the capabilities of others with problems.
  • SUSETTE LA FLESCHE - of the Omaha Tribe, was a tireless campaigner for Native American rights, and was the first Native American published lecturer, artist and author. She helped change national perceptions about the rights of Native Americans in this country.
  • ANTONIA NOVELLO - was the first woman and first Hispanic to be named Surgeon General of the United States. Novello is a pediatrician who has used her position to alleviate suffering worldwide, especially for women and children.


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Focus On Filing

Normally, I dedicate time to posting info on nail disorders, but this month I'd like to share a bit about nail filing. To many it may seem insignificant, however, improper filing, using the wrong type of file can lead to what I'll call a self inflicted nail disorder. Learning to choose the right type of file to use on your nails is vital to the overall health and care of your nails.

Let's begin with why we file :
Nail files, also known as "abrasives" are used to slowly & carefully shorten , shape and buff free edges of the fingernail. When doing a home manicure its best to use a clean nail clipper to primarily shorten the nail then proceed to using your file to "clean-up" free edge.

Which File is Best For Me?
Since my focus is caring for natural nails, it is imperative you know which files are safest to use on natural nails. So isn't a file a file? ABSOLUTELY NOT! To determine which file is used for what is to understand the "grit" or "roughness" of a file. Nail Files are generally assigned a "grit number" which is an indicator to the user of how coarse or fine it is. For instance, the coarser the file the lower the "number" assigned to it. Example: a 60 to 180 grit is great for artificial nails, on the other end of that, a file over the grit of 200 is safe for natural nails. A grit of 240 or more is considered a "fine" grit file. The finer the grit, the less damaging (when properly used) a file of this number can be successfully used on your natural nail.

Using the wrong file can lead to tearing of the nail free edge, nails that will chip and peel, and eventually break. In addition, using the wrong grit file can be very damaging to the vital layers of the nail plate. This is often seen and experienced by those who have had electric drills used on their nails. This type of damage results in thin weak nails and may require many, many months of rehibilitation.

While I'm on the subject of electric filing, let me say that electric files when properly and carefully used can cut down tremendously on filing time, but in my professional opinion, should not be used on natural nails. Hand filing requires more time, (I choose to file in this manner) so be aware that when having a classic mani or even getting nail enhancements (acrylics, gels, wraps etc.) hand filing will require more time, it's not a rush job. In the long run, this puts a little less wear and tear on your nails.

File recommendations:
My first choice for filing natural nails is called a "Crystal File". I call these the Rolls Royce of files. Crystal files offer many advantages in that they minimize chipping & peeling of nail plate, they are designed in such a way to help seal the edges of your nails as you file. Crystal Files are fully sanitizable which is a health plus and unlike your emory board doesn't wear out!

With proper care, your Crystal file should last you a lifetime! Once I use the Crystal file on my clients, they prefer it over a traditional emory board because it has a gentle smooth almost soothing feel and this is probably because it has such a fine grit (usually around 200 & up).

Hopefully, this has given you a little more insight on nail filing and the importance of why you should be very careful about what type of file to choose. It's ALWAYS a good idea to allow your nail care specialist to file your nails and learn from them the best way to file at home for home care maintenance.

That's all for now, I 'd love to hear your feedback and welcome your questions or concerns. Please feel free to forward this newsletter on to anyone you know who would be interested and benefit.

Miss Yna

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